Changes at VAG; Part 2

As I mentioned yesterday, VAG is ringing in the changes.

Now Reuters is saying that Ulrich Eichorn will become the R&D Chief.  According to Autocar

Eicchorn was previously head of research at VW Group from 2000-2003, before going to Bentley as a board member. He was appointed as managing director of the German Association of the Automotive Industry in 2012.

… Michael Mauer will officially succeed Walter de Silva as head of VW Group design, in addition to his current position as lead designer at Porsche. …He has been at Porsche since 2004, with credits including the CayennePanamera and 918 Spyder.

…Head of Audi’s concept designs Ralf Gerhard-Willner has been placed in charge of leading VW’s modular toolkit growth. This is known to be a key area of development as part of the group’s new strategy.

So you have someone from Bentley’s board heading VW R&D,  Porsche’s lead designer will head VW Group design and the guy heading Audi’s concept design will have a hand defining the underlying platforms for every VAG car.






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