How news is really made

Reporters always warn me about the not-so-polite fiction that is “impartial” news reporting.  They also warn that you really shouldn’t try to figure out how news is made if you get outraged quickly.

The media scrum post San Bernardino shooting is a case in point.  As Politico’s Jack Shafer says,

The sensationalist footage was enough to give even a First Amendment absolutist pause as MSNBC’s camera made it easy to read the name, address and other information from a driver’s license.


Now BJP MP’s have to get sensitive…

The BJP is now asking MP’s to avoid making “provocative statements” because they

 are being used by the anti-BJP forces to deflect the attention from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s development agenda.

I suppose the recent poll defeat in Bihar has alerted them to the fact that acting like jerks and assholes is not always a good idea.