Background: Some Interesting Work on the Effects of the Sendai Earthquake

One thing constantly drummed into my head from childhood was the adage

Amateurs think strategy.

Professionals think logistics.

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Background: The Economist on the KKH


Overview map of the Karakoram Highway
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The Economist’s Asia View blog has this travelogue of their correspondent traveling on the KKH (the Karakoram Highway) that links China to Pakistan.  Built quite a few years ago (I think it started in the late 1960’s) by the Pakistan Army Corps of Engineers and the Chinese (oh, who’re we kidding!  The Chinese), it was opened to civilian traffic more recently.  As is usually the case in Pakistan, the Pakistani side of the KKR has fallen into disrepair and the Chinese have taken on the task of rebuilding the highway.  As the correspondent says,

Our bus pulls away, beginning the descent to the Pakistani border town of Sust. The imposing communist-style archway that informs travellers officially that they are leaving China is a less effective border marker than the change in the Karakoram Highway itself: the paved road, which I had grown accustomed to since leaving the Chinese border town of Tashkurgan in the morning, deteriorates into a muddy, pot-holed track. Continue reading “Background: The Economist on the KKH”