Trade Notes: BP’s spill that keeps giving

BP’s spill saga continues, the networks in the US are still breathless with nary a nod to other stories (who cares about a bunch of Turks being killed anyway?).  The latest obsession being that Obama is not showing enough anger about this fiasco.  The American people’s completely warped concept of reality (not to mention Presidential powers and leadership abilities) never ceases to amaze me.  What do they expect the President to do beyond what he’s already done?  A BBC journalist actually drew parallels with Hamlet at Ophelia’s funeral asking how much Americans wanted their president to show emotion (versus, it’s implied, actually leading the country out of the mess it voted itself into.  Twice.).  But I digress, like just about everyone else. Continue reading “Trade Notes: BP’s spill that keeps giving”

Trade Notes: Foxconn and India

Foxconn wants clients to share the burden

Because its workers keep jumping off buildings at its giant factory/town, Foxconn (owned by Hon Hai of Taiwan) is raising its workers pay packets in China.  Management is making noises that it’s clients (including Sony, Dell, and Apple) will have to share the burden.  Maybe, maybe not.  On the other hand, labor remains cheap in India, though infrastructure is woeful, engineers are expensive, and democratic politics is a pain in the ass.  On the other hand, if you could put your factories with cheap labor close to your software and design engineers… Worth thinking about, isn’t it?