Trade Notes: Whither High Frequency Trading hedge funds?

The Economist‘s Buttonwood blog presents a thesis that history has underlying waves that “cause economies and markets to change direction at regular intervals.”  The actual thesis is not the subject of discussion today but I wonder if High Frequency Trading (HFT) mayn’t be such a cycle in the fashionable part of finance these days.  You know, that’s the one where everyone goes piling into (as a substitute for cogent thought) whatever happens to be “in mode.” Continue reading “Trade Notes: Whither High Frequency Trading hedge funds?”

Background: John Taylor of FX Concepts and some interesting insights

With Credit to Zero Hedge for publishing John Taylor’s most recent missive (they show up every Thursday).  John Taylor is CEO of the hedge fund shop FX Concepts.

John Taylor, FX Concepts CEO

It’s based out of unfashionable premises near Madison Square Gardens in NYC, the office vibe more that of an engineering company than a hedge fund.  Everyone there, from the secretary upwards to John Taylor himself, is extremely down to earth.  Extremely jarring to find in NYC.  I like the shop and I like the guy.  The analysis can be a bit dense, but worth wading through.  More on what I personally think of this later… Continue reading “Background: John Taylor of FX Concepts and some interesting insights”