Investment Strategy: Palm Oil & the Africa Connection

There has been a lot of talk about Palm oil, fueled mostly by the meteoric rise of palm oil futures on the back of demand from — where else — China and India.  Red Palm oil is cold-pressed and bottled as cooking oil;  blended into mayonnaise & salad oil;  even fortified into health foods & anti-aging cosmetics.  The main global trade of the product is through RBDPO Continue reading “Investment Strategy: Palm Oil & the Africa Connection”

Background: Defining emerging markets: “The 7 per cent Club”

The BRIC Nations

Trust Goldman Sachs and their chief economist Jim O’Neill to come up with a nifty handle like BRIC.  Make no mistake, I like Jim O’Neill, he’s got an earthiness that belies a pretty sharp mind and I’ve always enjoyed listening to him.  Of course, sharp minds are par for the course at Goldy but Jim does have some pretty good strategic thinking brain cells.  At an intellectual level, you can’t argue with the reasoning that leads to this grouping.  But the cynic in me is always left cringeing at the the hype surrounding this bullshit.  What makes it worse is the way the people in the BRIC countries start believing all that guff.  Anyone who’s had to endure “India Shining” (or is it “Rising”?  Hard to tell with the gorge rising in one’s throat) will know what I mean.    Continue reading “Background: Defining emerging markets: “The 7 per cent Club””