Investment Strategy: Palm Oil & the Africa Connection

There has been a lot of talk about Palm oil, fueled mostly by the meteoric rise of palm oil futures on the back of demand from — where else — China and India.  Red Palm oil is cold-pressed and bottled as cooking oil;  blended into mayonnaise & salad oil;  even fortified into health foods & anti-aging cosmetics.  The main global trade of the product is through RBDPO Continue reading “Investment Strategy: Palm Oil & the Africa Connection”

Trade Notes: Milk Most Likely to go the way of Onions in India

Manmohan Singh, current prime minister of India.
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I’d mentioned as long ago as March that milk prices are likely to spike higher.  The Economic Times delivered to my hotel room in Kolkata suggests this is coming true

After vegetables, now milk will also pinch consumers, as Gujarat‘s largest milk producer, Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF) marketing dairy products under the brand ‘Amul‘ on Tuesday announced a pan-India hike in milk prices by Rs 2 per litre. Continue reading “Trade Notes: Milk Most Likely to go the way of Onions in India”

Trade Notes: Got Milk?

Kind of weird corollary to India growing is that there is increasing milk demand in India.

The WPI in India has a 5% weight on milk, and that is having an effect because there was a 13.4% YoY inflation in milk prices in December ’09.  This is coming from a demand supply mismatch as there is an increasing uptake on processed milk products (most notably Reliance’s “Life”, Nestle’s “Pro-heart”, and Amul’s “Taaza”). Continue reading “Trade Notes: Got Milk?”