Trade Notes: Stay on With Long Gold Like Soros and Paulson?

George Soros - World Economic Forum Annual Mee...
Image by World Economic Forum via Flickr

George Soros, notwithstanding his worry that Gold may be the ultimate bubble has stayed on his long Gold position.  He warns that

Gold is the only actual bull market currently. It just made a new high yesterday. In the present circumstances that may continue… Continue reading “Trade Notes: Stay on With Long Gold Like Soros and Paulson?”

Background: Hugh Hendry and Eclectica

Looks like Hugh Hendry of Eclectica Asset Management is in the news again.  I like the guy, used to be invested in the Eclectica Europe Fund when it still was Odey Eclectica (which split from the Odey group around 2006, I think).  As the story suggests, he does tend to get a lot up people’s noses, and seems to enjoy doing it.  I guess he irritates people off most because his scathing view is so often right.  His funds haven’t grown much (still around USD 450 mark I think) but he tends to have a loyal following of investors.  My favorite Hugh Hendry story was one of his famous appearances on CNBC.  Continue reading “Background: Hugh Hendry and Eclectica”

Trade Notes: Soros doubling Gold bet?

Soros Doubling Gold Bet? Just saw this story on Bloomberg.  Interesting.  He’s doubled his bet on SPDR Gold Trust, even though he thinks it’s on a bubble and is likely to burst.  But he wants to ride that bubble a bit longer.  GS also seems to be signaling the same thing.  He’s in company with Tudor and Paulson. Continue reading “Trade Notes: Soros doubling Gold bet?”

Trade Notes: Could you short China?

In a sense, that’s a bit like shorting Goldman.  You could do that, but they both are so non-transparent, with so many idiosyncratic factors at play, that you’re better off leaving it alone.  Could you long China?  Sure, why not?  Everyone else is doing it.  Continue reading “Trade Notes: Could you short China?”