Trade Notes: Play Short China Like Hugh Hendry?

A short view of China is not a new thing for me, but I’ve always been cautious about getting into that particular trade because of the surprises it can spring.  As Clusterstock mentions:

actually shorting China has never been a straightforward proposition. For one thing, due to the bubbly nature of the market, you can get your clock-cleaned really fast, even if you’re correct in the medium term. So you have to make related bets. Continue reading “Trade Notes: Play Short China Like Hugh Hendry?”

Background: Hugh Hendry on BBC HARDtalk


Hugh Hendry of Eclectica Asset Management


One of my favorite hedge fund managers Hugh Hendry is in the news again.  This time, he’s on BBC’s HARDtalk (if you have BBC iPlayer, watch it there, if not here’s the YouTube link).  The commentariat and the resultant comments are gloating (and this with more than a bit of schadenfreude) that Hugh Hendry is losing money!  Of course, this is HARDTalk and Stephen Sackur is a much more thoughtful man.  They have a rather interesting discussion centering around risk, shadow banking, hedge funds, and casino banking.  I’ve always thought that Hendry’s performances on fora like CNBC are more a function of his lack of respect for the presenters and their audiences.  This, this was much more nuanced.  Continue reading “Background: Hugh Hendry on BBC HARDtalk”

Background: Hugh Hendry and Eclectica

Looks like Hugh Hendry of Eclectica Asset Management is in the news again.  I like the guy, used to be invested in the Eclectica Europe Fund when it still was Odey Eclectica (which split from the Odey group around 2006, I think).  As the story suggests, he does tend to get a lot up people’s noses, and seems to enjoy doing it.  I guess he irritates people off most because his scathing view is so often right.  His funds haven’t grown much (still around USD 450 mark I think) but he tends to have a loyal following of investors.  My favorite Hugh Hendry story was one of his famous appearances on CNBC.  Continue reading “Background: Hugh Hendry and Eclectica”